We are just A Bunch of Illustrators

Studio Behind 90 is a tight-knit illustrative studio who use their talents to develop creative solutions, adapting to different mediums.


Founded in 2012, based in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We’ve had the privilege of working with various companies across the globe:
Cadbury, Cuckoo, ANZ Banks, Yarra Valley Water Melbourne, Fjällräven Kanken, Eastern Melbourne PHN, Cadbury Malaysia, Prudential Insurance, Gamuda Berhad, Mindvalley, Perodua and Warner Brothers Malaysia.

A small pilot is facing a big challenge...

He then flies in with a team of smalls...

…Because a team of smalls can achieve anything!

Why Us? The Team of Small


Enchanced Efficiency

We skipped the bulls*hit corporate hierachy and make the magic happen.

Personal Touch

Small size allow direct communication with each other easily, ensuring personal touch and pursuit of craftsmanship for every project.

Small But More

While keeping a light structure, we widen our range of services making sure you get the exposure you deserved.Our Partners from different industries are ready to help when needed.

How Illustration Helps You

We speak design language through illustration.


Skip the boring text and transform your content  into easy digest graphics.

Maps / Directories

Let your audience explore your Park / Shoping Malls and get themselves excited for a visit.

Packaging Design

Your great product needs a great packaging design to stand out from the crowd.

Social Content

Having eye-catching posts on your social media platoforms can boost your social strategy and maintain engagement with audience.

Branding Design

Do up a striking and memorable branding design for your graphical collateral.

360 Virtual Reality (VR)

360-degree illustrations are a great way to immerse your audience into your content exploring stories and easter eggs.

Wait, Why Illustrate?

We speak our design language through illustrations.

More EyeBalls

As cliché as it is, we all judge books by their covers. Great colours and dynamic visuals are eye-catching and are able to grab more attention!

Product Value

A great design increase your product value and justify for a higher price. It express the quality of your product, provide firmness and delight. 

Increase Profit

“A well-designed school will improve the educational achievements of its pupils and a well-designed department store will have a direct impact on stock turnover.” – The Design Council of Great Britain, 2002.

We Also Create

Motion Graphics


Video Explainer

Short, engaging marketing video that highlights your services or essential features of your idea.

Video Tutorial

Simple step-by-step videos to help your audience get started and explore your product / solutions.

Social Post Gif

Dynamic animated visual content to boost your engagement on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Launch Video

A video as launch strategy to your product / event to drive great momentum and reach more clientele.

What we’ve made for others.

We are here to change the game of ugly Graphic Design,
aweful UI / Ux Design and bad Motion Graphics Animation.
Some of our works are not allow to show here. We will show you in person.

Our Clients

gamuda warner brother maybank ecoworld perodua mindvalley anz and yarra valley water proud client

if you are convinced, let's build something

We do lunch, conference call and meetings. We believe in face to face, let’s start with a coffee. Alternatively you may check out our cost calculator!

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