The studio that specialises in visual makeovers.

Like a fresh coat of paint, the new trim on your hair, we are the studio who discover the charm behind your brand.

Key Visual • Illustration • Animation • Branding • Art Direction • Website

Be noticed by the right attention.

Get behind current traditions by giving them a vibrant twist.
Cultivate your brand charisma that’s yet to exist.

Projects are approached with
a pinch of 90's spirit.

A millennium spirit that’s bold, fun, striking, and vibrant, our projects celebrate the delicious mix of raw artistry and industry insights of global perspectives. 

Our Believers

The Process of
Vision → Visuals

Runs by with a team of visionaries, the studio learns every aspect of client’s perspective by taking the brief apart.

They are tech-savvy, skilled in combining methods with solutions, to craft creative approaches.

They’ll always strive for the best, even if it requires 88 mph!

Who's behind the team?

Some say they are artists, but they call themselves vibrant visionaries.

Project Inquiries

Dania Ma, Business Creative Manager
(60)3-7494 1137

General Inquiries

Lai (Book of Lai), Design Director


Behind Our Studio

Founded by Book of Lai in 2015 and currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

They are artists who understand business and strive to help brands get noticed by the right attention.

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Business Inquiries

Dania Ma, Business Creative Manager
(60)3-7494 1137

A-1-2, Parklane Commercial Hub,
Jalan 7/26, Kelana Jaya, 47301,
Selangor, Malaysia