The biggest myth about Illustration design ( Are they just some pretty graphics? )

Though the thing is out of all design mediums (graphic design, illustration, photography, and 3d renders), the illustration approach seems to be the unusual choice because many perceive it as fun without the function.  These are facts— that we need to debunk. Myth 1: Illustration/Design can only either be fun or functional.  Many seem to […]

Studio Vlog Ep 3 -KL Bird Park Adventures

Our last studio vlog (as our intern is leaving), about a little trip we took going to KL’s birdpark, it has been such an awesome journey.“I hope they keep growing and keep on being creative, to create an impact in the creative industry !” Vinessa the intern.

Studio Vlog (Ep 2) – Experience Malaysia Mural

Our interns made this!A throwback project, mid this year, we got the privileged to create a mural for Avenue K, in homage to Malaysia.Come on this journey, and see us complete this massive project 🙂

Studio Vlog (Ep1): Drawing with CS & Dania

Our intern Vinessa is an aspiring vlogger, thanks to her we now have a studio vlog! In this Episode, boss was not around and we were require to create content for our tutorial page: @drawinhand Check her out and send her some love at her youtube page <3