Running The Studio

It all started with a resume I received. The applicant found my studio from a post on Xiao Hong Shu titled “How to Make Money with Illustration.” He thought it was hard to make a living as an illustrator, but the comments had people recommending our studio as one of the job opportunities in Malaysia […]

Inspiring Visit to Happening 101 in Bangkok

I recently attended Happening 101 at Seacon Mall in Bangkok, an art event held in June 2024 that left me both inspired and reflective. Spanning five days, this event was a seamless blend of art showcases and daily performances by various indie singers, each attracting different crowds and creating a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere. A Perfect […]

After thoughts: KL Illustration 2024

May 2024 marked another milestone for us with the Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair (KLIF) 2024, held at GMBB KL. This year’s event was a tremendous success, breaking our own attendance record with over 8,500 visitors. Reflecting on the journey, I’m filled with pride and excitement for the future of our illustration community. KLIF 2024 wasn’t […]

We just co-organised KL’s 1st Illustration Fair

In the vibrant heart of Kuala Lumpur, the year 2023 marked a pivotal moment for the Malaysian illustration scene, as we proudly co-organized the KL Illustration Fair (KLIF). This immersive experience not only showcased our artistic endeavors but also aimed to cultivate and elevate the local illustration community. The Journey of Co-Creation As co-organizers, our […]

Studio Vlog Ep 3 -KL Bird Park Adventures

Our last studio vlog (as our intern is leaving), about a little trip we took going to KL’s birdpark, it has been such an awesome journey.“I hope they keep growing and keep on being creative, to create an impact in the creative industry !” Vinessa the intern.

Studio Vlog (Ep 2) – Experience Malaysia Mural

Our interns made this!A throwback project, mid this year, we got the privileged to create a mural for Avenue K, in homage to Malaysia.Come on this journey, and see us complete this massive project 🙂