Snapchat | Malaysia Ramadan Stickers Illustrations

CLIENT  |  Snap Inc
AGENCY  |  Studio Behind 90
Creative Director  |   Book of Lai
Illustrator  |  Chein Shyan Lee, Dania Mah, Book of Lai

Ramadan, one of Islam’s holy month, requires Muslims to abstain from satisfying their needs and urges between sunrise and sunset. In Malaysia, fasting is a collective experience, as the majority population is Muslims.

We created stickers that modernize Ramandan’s traditions by mixing puns, millennial slang, and common conversational quotes to unite young audiences during the fasting month. This set of stickers highlights Ramadan’s experiences from Suhur ( when one eats before dawn) till Iftar ( when one breaks his or her fast ).

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week | Fashion Illustration

AGENCY  |  Studio Behind 90
Creative Director  |   Book of Lai
Illustrator  |  Book of Lai

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) is set to showcase the work of over 80 Malaysian designers at the seventh edition of the event.
I, together with Limzy and Miseleen were chosen to be the official illustrator for the event, at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

We were asked to paint what we see during the event, and we were given a portable tablet to paint on site. It was an amazing experience to be able to dress up and paint along with the site among fellow fashion enthusiasts. Our eyes were opened, as only the best of the very best designers get to put their creative foot forward to showcase beautiful pieces on the runway.

AirAsia | Hari Raya Key Art

CLIENT  |  AirAsia
AGENCY  |  Studio Behind 90
Creative Director  |   Book of Lai
Illustrator / Designer |  Book of Lai, Sam Tan

Bubbling with excitement during this festive celebration, together.

Last Hari Raya Aidilfitri, AirAsia Malaysia entrusted us to create something that embodies the feeling of balik kampung(returning to one’s hometown) during the Raya festivities. A huge part of the experience, quite literally, is the food that awaits us, family that gives us the warmest hug and the endless worry free chat. As the smell of hometown waft through the air and the nostalgic taste permeates our tastebuds, that is when we know we are home.

Hometown does have a flavours.
Raya Kuih Muih, snacks and the taste of nenek’s handmade.

Familliar faces back home.The place we call kampung.

Home is where heart is.

Travel your inner home everywhere you go.

Client: AirAsia Berhad
Agency: Studio Behind 90
Illustrator: Book of Lai

Stardust Fantasy Film Festival | Branding

CLIENT  |  Stardust Media Sdn Bhd
AGENCY  |  Studio Behind 90
Creative Director  |   Book of Lai
Illustrator / Designer |  Dania Mah, Book of Lai

SFFF is a film festival dedicated to the promotion and recognition of acclaimed short films in the Asian region to a broader international audience. 
The concept of film being necessities of life becomes the forefront of SFFF’s mission. 
The diverse nature of the selected films is aimed at bringing a distinctive sense of belonging for the masses. The awards serve the purpose of funding towards future projects and endeavours by the winners.

Client: Stardust Media | Agency: Studio Behind 90 | Creative: Book of Lai | Illustrator: Dania Mah, Book of Lai