Georgetown, beautiful & Irregular
A dynamic cosmopolitan visual identity

The exhibition “beautiful & irregular” celebrates George Town’s irregularities in the past, present, and future through the lens of culture and heritage. Cultures that developed early in George Town such as food, port, print, and youth continue to be part of the town. As much as they were yesterday, these cultures will carry us into tomorrow.

The Logo

The logo is designed with the imprint of Georgetown’s heritage map. It highlights the UNESCO areas where most of the town’s heritage blossoms.

Key Visual

The visual identity is inspired by rangoli from Diwali and “Nyonya peranakan” tiles pattern. The 10 visual elements below represent 10 different cultural stories in the exhibition. The stories are the following: Namely, Oral, Youth culture(attire & music), Print culture, Architecture, food Culture and the Traditional industry (eg: traditional cap-makes and perfumes)