Theme Park Map Illustration – Desaru Coast Adventure Park

We were engaged by Desaru Coast Malaysia to produce an illustrated directory map of the Desaru Coast Adventure WaterPark. The idea was to have the five zones of the waterpark distinguishable by color as the map would be located in each zone.

Finding the balance between aesthetic and functionality, semi-realistic illustration was used for visitor to identify and regconise landmarks in the water park with minimum confusion. Main attractions like water slides and roller coasters were exaggerated and enlarged to emphasize the excitement of the ride.
In earlier stage the roof and ground of the map was in their neutral colour, but later to distinct the different zones in the map, zone colours are added in respectively.

Client | Desaru Coast Adventure Park
Creative Agency | Studio Behind Ninety
Creative Director | Book of Lai
Lead Illustrator | Chein Shyan Lee
Illustrator | Book of Lai, Rowanne Kua