Spread Your Wings!

A father’s day special, self-initiated storytelling microsite, inspired from the french movie Spread Your Wings ( Donne-moi des ailes 2019). 

Made with love and passion by Studio Behind 90.

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Story-telling microsite

A father’s day self-initiative

Based on the movie inspired by Christian Moullec’s real life event.

Donne-moi des ailes

( Spread your Wings, 2019 )

Christian is a meteorologist who studies migrating white-fronted geese.

Remarkably enough, witnessing the birth of the birds brought something within him to life

His teenage son, Thomas, thought that spending a 3-week summer holiday alone with his father on a farm is nightmarish…

While Thomas nurtured the geese to recognize the sound of engines, his father taught him how to fly

On that very summer, the father-son duo became the parents of those endangered orphaned geese

They bonded in a joint vision to save an endangered species of geese with an ultra-light aircraft to guide their migration

While the vision is noble…

…the journey is incredibly dangerous.

On a fateful day, Thomas took off with the geese against the town’s regulation and his father’s warnings





It was a risky and exhausting journey, but Thomas came through with each challenges…

…with his father’s guidance and spirit in mind.

“A father’s love is a love of strength and vision. With it, I was able to soar through the stormy clouds.”

When Christian Moullec saw that lesser white-fronted geese were struggling with their migration from Germany to Sweden in 1995, he took to the skies to help them. Today, weather permitting, he soars with birds on an almost daily basis.

A meteorologist by trade, the 58-year-old Frenchman didn’t start out as a pilot. But inspired by an Austrian zoologist known as “the man who walked with geese,” Moullec adapted a two-seater ultralight aircraft to fly alongside the vulnerable species to guide them on a safer migration route.

Now, from March through October, he takes tourists up to fly with birds.


Donne-moi des ailes

( Spread your Wings, 2019 )

• Executive Producers : Clément Miserez, Matthieu Warter • Adaptation :Nicolas Vanier, Lilou Fogli • Line Producer : David Giordano • Foreign Producer : Kjetil Jensberg • Directors of Photography : Éric Guichard, Laurent Charbonnier • Assistant Operators : Adrien Onesto, Lara Pugh • Editor : Raphaële Urtin • Production Designer : Sébastien Birchler • Casting : Sylvie Brocheré • Costume designer : Adélaïde Gosselin • Still Photographer : Philippe Petit • Post-production supervisor : Aurélien Adjedj • Assistant directors : Olivier Horlait, Rémi Bouvier • Dialogue Writers : Nicolas Vanier, Lilou Fogli • Screenwriters : Matthieu Petit, Christian Moullec • Co-producers : Matthieu Petit, Quentin De Revel, Thierry Desmichelle, Rémi Jimenez • Sound Recordist : Emmanuel Hachette • Press Attachés (film) : Michèle Abitbol-Lasry, Séverine Lajarrige • Continuity supervisor : Valentine Traclet • Music Composer : Armand Amar • Chief Lighting Technician : Stéphane Assié • Visual Effects : Thomas Duval, Nicolas Lacroix • Location Manager : Jean-Louis Bergamini •

• Based on the feature film by Nicolas Vanier •
• Produced by SND Groupe M6, Radar Films,
Canopée Production •
A self-initiated story-telling microsite by Studio Behind 90.
Art Director: Book of Lai
Illustrators & Animators:  Hui Jing, Chein Shyan, Book of Lai
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