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Pushing the boundaries of traditional design and explore the latest technologies to create immersive and interactive experiences for our clients.

A connection between
reality and the virtual world

The power of visual storytelling is


Pushing the boundaries of traditional design &

immersive & interactive experiences.

Projection Mapping


Project objects or surfaces into a immersive and interactive experiences. It allows designers to create immersive and interactive experiences.

Turn a building into a giant screen, create an interactive installations for events or festival, and enhancing live performances with visual elements.

Augmented Reality


Superimpose digital content onto the real world, experience a hybrid of the real and digital worlds.

AR is becoming more accessible than ever thanks to Instagram’s face-filter. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can run AR apps and experience the unique and engaging way to try on your products virtually and preview them in a real-life environment.

These filters are shared because they are linked to a social platform, and they were shared a lot.

Face Filter


A jaw-dropping immersive experience with gameplay element and sharable contents.

Face filters have proven to be extremely effective in terms of increasing reach and brand awareness.

They’re short, interactive pieces of content that let your audience tell you a story.

360° VR Illustration


Immersive and interactive virtual tours that offer digital experiences in lieu of physical ones.

Create a minigame, a browsable art exhibition, a fully immersive world, or show off your products — the possibilities are limitless.



Drop unique and limited edition brand NFTs that perceive value and exclusivity.

Whether it’s an artwork, album, or digital fashion, NFTs allow creatives to break free from dimensional constraints, create in a realm of limitless possibility.

It is the promotion of your collectible show the art world who you are and what you create. Be transparent and authentic, so your fans get to know the artist, not just the art.


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Founded by Book of Lai in 2015 and currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The studio who illustrate every forward thinking voices, vibrantly.

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